EP-XM6 Cosmos: Audio Midrange Speakers

2-Way to 3-Way Convertible Car Component System

All music lovers alert! Cosmos brings your Audio Magician of the Century with convertible component system.

Your quest to search best speakers ends here!

No need to compromise your music taste over hearing sense any more when EP-XM6 Cosmos speaker pair is here!

The pair will take care of your hearing with its delicate 2 way beats and will give you loud hip-hop music with its 3 way component system.

Amazing 2-Way to 3-Way Upgrade Midrange Speakers Features

  • 30W Powerful RMS for Robust sound output with
  • 95 Fo (HZ) Frequency for 100% accurate bass production without disturbance
  • 4 Ω Nominal Impedance ensuring No battery damage and guaranteed sufficient energy utilization
  • with @1w/1 m Sensitivity and 88 dB responsiveness you get smoothest sound experience
  • 95Hz~20KHz, versatile frequency to playback all music genres with fidelity
  • 25mm Durable Voice Coil ensures the speakers stay with you for lifetime
  • Rubber Surround Composite Cone ensures consistent sound production all seasons.
  • 35mm Mounting Depth fits into tight spaces making it ideal for small vehicles
  • Adaptable 70mm mounting diameter making installation like a breeze
  • Compatible with numerous auto audio setups
  • Stylish, resilient, offered for whole family

Comes as pair

Set Your Speakers However You Like | 2-Way to 3-Way Convertible

Better than all the speakers in the market, our EP-XM6 Cosmos Audio midrange speakers come with three dedicated components.

It means to handle bass handle bass, vocals and higher frequency audios, there are individual systems added.

What does that mean? It means you get the effects of a full range speaker. But, that is not all, you can also convert them in 2 way speakers, for mid-range (vocals) and the bass.

Enjoy Full Range Audibility in Price of Mid-Range Speakers

The price is very economical, plus the Rubber Surround Composite Cone that you only find in expensive vehicle speakers is present here.

It means, the speaker life is lasting and will product sound for extended period of time without requiring maintenance, or fixing from the experts.

Our helping team is here for you

Once you are here, and you get your speakers and even if you find manual complicated to understand, our helping team is there for your assistance in installation and all the other stuff.

Beautiful Music | Guaranteed Pleasure

This is the best time to make a purchase as all the speakers are available in up to 70% off. Buy now and give your car the ambiance it deserves. It is time to impress your friends and girlfriend, with symphonies of their dreams.

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