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Our Profile:

Cosmos audio corporation specializes in car audio equipment.


The headquarters is located in Manassas, Virginia.

Cosmos audio equipment is currently being developed by industry leading engineers with the help of experienced car audio system designers and installers.


It has been more than two years since this project started and we don’t want to proceed until a great design has been achieved and now, we are there. Cosmos audio offers a series of amplifiers, speakers, powerful subwoofers, tweeters, cables, component sets, accessories and more.


A great team of engineers and audio technicians will make this happen and launch this new stage in car audio evolution… we are exploding on the U.S. car audio scene this season!!



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8389 Centreville Road
Manassas, Virginia
(703) 330-7735

Our Mission

To distribute the highest quality of products with the intention to provide our customers total satisfaction.

Our products meet the highest standards an undergo rigorous quality control. We believe on products that are built to last.