Welcome to Cosmos Audio

Cosmos Audio is a brand manufacturer specializing in car audio equipment with headquarters in Manassas, Virginia. Cosmos audio products have been developed by qualified engineers and with the input of experienced car installers who know about sq and spl and with decades of experience and a deep understanding of the trends and current developments in this industry.


Loaded Box


Cosmos audio offers series of amplifiers, speakers, powerful subwoofers, tweeters, midranges, equalizers, cables, signal processors, component sets and much more. We exceed concept expectations for a new kind of sound experience at competitive prices. Cosmos audio brings you … A great sound journey…

2 Way Speaker


Coaxial Speaker


Our amazing team is ready to bring your wildest idea to realitly. Tell us how your car audio system would like to sound and leave the rest on us!.

Unlock the symphony within your car! we will transform your auditory dreams into reality.

Share your vision for the perfect car audio system, and we’ll orchestrate a harmonious blend of bass, treble, and rhythm.

Our experienced team isn’t new to the game—challenge us with your ideas. With years of expertise, a skilled team, and an unwavering passion, we’ll transform your car into a mind-blowing audio experience.