EP-C65 Coaxial Speaker System

Best Coaxial Speakers for Cars

Got a small car but need to have full range music without delay? Cosmos brings you Audio Coaxial Speaker System, a loud speaker that gives you consistent and reliable performance.

This single speaker is engineered and tested thoroughly on small to big cars to ensure best performance in an efficient without comprising your music taste.


Your quest to search best speakers ends here!

Amazing 2-Way to 3-Way Midrange Speakers Features

  • 75W RMS power helps you experience the magic of crystal-clear sound
  • 30W RMS power guarantees powerful sound output for every beat
  • 95 Hz frequency range gives you thundering base without distortion
  • 4 Ω nominal impedance to play louder music with efficient power consumption
  • 88 dB sensitivity jingling crystal clear and crispy symphonies to your ears
  • 48Hz~20KHz range makes it ideal to play soft, aesthetic jazz to louder hip-hop music
  • 25mm voice coil rubber ensures noise reduction and long term performance
  • 35mm and 70mm mounting depth & diameter ensures easy installation
  • EP-C65 Cosmos Audio Coaxial loudspeaker promises Hassle-free upgrades
  • Highly elegant and stylish design will add a touch of elegance to your car interior

88 Db Sensitivity Ensuring Hearing Health

This easy to install coaxial speaker set helps you play music that you want to and sound will be apt to your preferences, thanks to the 88 dB sensitivity.

It will adjust the sound of track according to your preference no matter if the track is fluctuating music loudness.

We are sure of it because this Cosmos EP-C65 Coaxial Audio System is tested and approved state of the art Ai technologies.

Launch a Concert in Your Car

It can play music of all genres just like you are listening to a live concert of your favorite single right in your car without expensive tickets.

Either you go on a long drive or decide to stay in your car in the middle of the night and play some romantic beats with coaxial 2-way speaker system, you can have your concert anywhere everywhere.

You are no more settling for weak, tinny sound with EP-C65 Cosmos Audio Coaxial Speaker System.

Group of friends enjoying a ride

Cost Effective & Battery-Safe Design

The speaker comes in the handy rates of your choice. 

Plus this is durable and eats less battery. It means, you can crank up the volume without fear of causing any harm

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