EP-2000.5 Cosmos Audio Amplifier

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EP-2000.5 Cosmos Audio Amplifier. The logical choice in mobile audio amplification. This amplifier have been designed and engineered with the highest quality components and top of the line workmanship to help you reach the superior sound you are after.

Design Features:

  • Multi-channel amplifier.
  • Stable into 1 ohm for single unit and linkable to 2 ohm load
  • High speed mosfet power supply
  • Variable Crossover
  • Remote control
  • 4 way protection circuit (thermal, High and Low voltage, Speaker short & DC)
  • High Purity copper printed board
  • 0 gauge power & ground terminals


Power @ 4ohm - 125W x 4 + 650W x 1
Power @ 2ohm - 180W x 4 + 1000W x 1
Power @ 1ohm - 1500W x 1 for CH5

Frequency Response - 10~20 KHz for CH1~4, 10-250Khz for CH5

Signal to Noise Ratio - 85dB
Damping Factor - 100 <
Input Sensitivity - 6V~0.2V
Low Pass Filter (X10) - 50~5KHz

High Pass Filter (X10 ) - 20 - 5Khz

Subsonic Filter -10~50Hz for CH5
Low Pass Filter for CH5 - 35~250Hz for CH5
Bass Boost - 0~9dB for CH5
Remote Gain Control - Included for CH5

Power & Ground terminal - 0ga
Working Voltage - 8.5V~16V

Working Impedance - 2ohm Stereo or 4ohm bridged for CH1 ~ 4 + 1ohm mono for CH5

External Fuse Rate - 250A
Dimensions (Length) - 450 mm
(226 W x 62 H mm)

All features are subject to change in the continuing effort to improve the products without notice.


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