EP-M6 Cosmos Audio Midrange Speaker Single Unit


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EP-M6 Cosmos Audio midrange speaker (Single Unit). It is a state-of-the-art product specifically designed and engineered for vehicle use, and has been thoroughly tested to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

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Should you have any questions regarding the installation or operation of your component 2-way speaker system, which are not answered in this manual, please contact your dealer for assistance.


• To prevent noise pick-up, keep the wiring away from motors, high-voltage leads and other potential noise sources.

• To prevent a short-circuit, keep all wiring away from moving parts and sharp edges.
• Make sure you carefully read and understand the installation instructions before installing this speaker in your vehicle.


RMS power(W} 80 W
Fo(HZ} 140 HZ
Nominal lmpedance (Ω) 4 Ω
Sensitivity@1w/1 m(dB) 92 dB
Frequency Range 140Hz~12KHz
Voice coil (mm) 38mm
Magnet Weight(Oz) 20 Oz
Cone paper
Mounting Depth(mm) 74mm
Mounting Diameter(mm) 143mm


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